Viper ® LA Special Forces Vest

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The realisation of being in a fire fight and running out of ammo and trying to either reload a magazine in the field or fumbling around whatever pocket a magazine maybe stowed in soon shows up the need for a load carrying ability. After a few skirmishes you soon get tired of the previous scenario, so I soon found that one absolute essential for Airsofting was the ability to carry spare magazines into the field, along with BB’s and anything else which might take your fancy (spare battery for the AEG, torch, etc the list could be endless if you like everything but the kitchen sink).

Being on a tight budget, having blown most of the cash on my first AEG plus magazines and batteries, I opted for the cheapest ‘vest’ I could find and this came in the form of the Viper LA Special Forces Vest (Bulle also do one very similar in style)

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600D cordura material
6 adjustable mag pouches
3 utility pouches
2 internal pockets
And belt

This vest is available in the following colour schemes:
Olive Green
Digi DPM


A great first time vest for those just starting out but the more experienced/demanding player will notice its short comings quickly. Still, a must for the kit bag for the price and on this it scores highly in Value For Money. Cheap as chips compared to some tactical vests currently available

- Price
- great starter vest
- available colours
- soon grow out of it
- lacks adaptability
Esthetism rating: 7/10
Performance rating: 6/10
Precision rating: 7/10
Accessories rating: 5/10
Quality rating: 6/10
Overall rating:

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