Yarygin Gun "Grach” Grach-A (CO2) from Gletcher

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Brand Gletcher
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Cost 150 USD
Magazine cap 15
Weight 960 Grams
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The article devoted to the review the gun GRACH-A (CO2) from the company Gletcher, made ​​for combat model – “Yarygin`s gun”. “Grach” 6P35 - Russian-made semi-automatic pistol, which serial produced at the Izhevsk Mechanical Factory.
Company Gletcher long been known as a quality manufacturer of pneumatic airsoft weapons. Airsoft version of Gletcher pistols generally have a good combination of price and quality thus gained a good popularity in the world market. Also in Gletcher well-developed service, service centers are located in almost every major city.


Airsoft gun GRACH-A (CO2) Gletcher was delivered in high-quality original box.

Included with the gun in the package there are a small package of balloons, Allen key for pistol magazines, instruction manual, and warranty card.
On the inner side of the box displayed "explosion diagram" of pistol.

So, pulls gun out of the box. Once the first time in hands, the gun produces an extremely pleasant experience.

The gun is very well fits in the palm, comfortable grip that allows you to grab it, even from a "universal" holster fast enough; for all that, he has a small size. Hard fuse on both sides - not rise himself accidentally in the fire position, or vice versa.

Smooth trigger. Convenient to operate and reload the gun with both hands. At first sight (except for the markings and sights) gun has a good similarity with the combat prototype. The appearance and size of visually identical, weight is also similar.


Material: plastic
Gate material: metal
Caliber: 6 mm
Powered by: CO2
Bolt carrier: mobile
Capacity: 15 balls
The initial speed of the ball departure: 120 m / s (0.2g)
Weight: 960 grams


On average, the airsoft stores in Russia it costs from 4000 to 5000 rubles ($ 123-152). In the "not airsoft" stores (selling various pneumatic) more expensive to 6500 ($ 199) In Yekaterinburg, in airsoft store airsoft66.ru (actually there we took it for a review) GRACH-A (CO2) from Gletcher can be bought for 3,990 rubles ($ 122).


The size and weight of the gun is almost identical to the pattern combat (combat weighs 950 grams). Appearance is similar to the original except the sights and markings applied and company logos Gletcher.
The bolt carrier is made from metal (non-magnetic), housing - metal (non-magnetic). Handle is made from ABC-quality plastic. If you compare for example with quality workmanship Colt KJW 1911 (so what was at hand), the feel of the materials Gletcher much better. The handle is very well placed in the hand, the gun itself is very easy to use. It can use both left-handed and right-handed. As I understand it the gun has system of descent like Beretta M92 except flannel pieces.

Move of the bolt is not complete, although there are pluses. Short stroke bolt carrier allows you to quickly get a gun and cocked, spending a minimum of effort.


The first thing that catches your eye and you platoon, if you take a gun, it's bolt carrier.
Move of the frame is extremely short.

In the prototype of combat pistol, motion is more. Secondly originally from airsoft gun version of Gletcher no recoil (but it can be done, but more on that later).


Without recoil bolt carrier "does not go" so that almost completely eliminated the ingress of dirt into the gun, so all the details are very tight fitting. Without recoil of course higher accuracy.

The main and the only plus of recoil, spanning all the disadvantages - it's entourage. Sights on the bolt carrier unregulated, but under target designator is indicated dovetail to regulate it horizontally. In difference from the airsoft version, on the prototype to combat, the sighting device can regulated. On the front sight and target designators is marked point with white paint to facilitate aiming.


Magazine capacity is total 15 balls (this despite the fact that the combat prototype shop for 18 rounds). Although a CO2 cylinder is enough for 5-6 full recharges of magazine. Personally, I am upset with this fact, especially after the Beretta with 26 balls.

Such a small amount of magazine at airsoft version of pistol "Grach" explains design of magazine, it is in the packing of balls, and here it is single-row. For example, in the "Beretta" from Gletcher width of the groove for the balls is more and they can be laid at an angle of 2 rows. However, this magazine is no need to cock pistol, put magazine in a gun and ready to fire.


One of the features of the magazine relating to the pluses, there is a groove retaining spring bowling in the down position when charging the magazine (no need to keep spring by finger). On the store there is an extra groove that can "save" the magazine from falling out, when accidentally pressed the reset button, in addition magazine sits tight enough and the reset button is quite tight, so quickly lose magazine will not turn out. The great advantage of magazine Gletcher are metal tabs holding the balls, from other manufacturers often it is plastic, which, of course, leads to a rapid breakdown and magazine will be out of order.


1. There is not inner barrel in this pistol. Outer barrel is inner barrel.

2. Although there is no inner barrel pistol, while still delivering good sighting range of up to 15 meters (tested 0.3 ball).


3. To increase move of bolt carrier you can screw the bolt into the magazine then gas will be under great pressure and the bolt carrier will move more than without the bolt. For the appearance of the recoil effect (as far as possible in this model) need to magazine, around the button the exhaust valve, glue up rubber gasket, but you can find original parts from the Gletcher... However, it removes the pistol with a colossal 18 months warranty!

4. Hop-up block is also built into the trunk so that the gum is closed by flap from bolt carrier, which provides greater protection against ingress of dirt into it - it is thought out and very nice.

5. Dismantling pistol is pulling out the lock bolt carrier. There is nothing to clean, everything can be cleaned, taking out magazine - because the whole system of giving the ball is on it, you can still clean the barrel with a ramrod.


1. Good enough copy of the military prototype (except for some details).
2. Great flight trajectory of ball and accuracy (even in the absence of inner barrel)
3. Powered by CO2.
4. From a CO2 cylinder can shoot a 5-6 stores.
5. The clever design of the hop-up block and bolt carrier - preventing the ingress of dirt.
6. It is possible to make Blowback or leave pistol as is.
7. Has metal "sponge" in magazine for the balls.
8. Has a strong guarantee - 18 months. The pistol can be easily and quickly fix in the warranty center Gletcher.


1. Hop-up block unfortunately not regulated, have to use heavy balls from 0.25 to 0.3 g
2. During disassembly is a problem - do not break the silumin ears that are on the body and look very fragile.
3. The bolt carrier is a little backlash but it is not very scary.
4. The magazine has a volume of 15 balls.
5. Markings on the gun owned by Gletcher and labeling do not copy from military analogue.
6. Fans of tuning their toys can not deliver, or to change the "thin inner barrel" because in this pistol in principle it is not.
7. Slow speed of bolt carrier as compared to military model.
8. The lack of recoil "out of the box." (should be improved).
9. Allen key for the magazine in the glacier has its own standards, so it is key may not be suitable for other models of pistols and their keys will not work with Gletcher.


Airsoft pistol GRACH-A (CO2) from Gletcher, as well as other products of the company Gletcher has a good combination of price \ quality. Of course there are moments in which to find fault, but its price (3990 rubles= $ 122) the pistol justifies with a vengeance. The materials from which made pistol leave positive emotions, high-quality ABS plastic handle, good metal frame construction and housing (slight play does not count).

Ergonomic pistol is captivating and makes a close eye on all the disadvantages. The assembly \ disassembly also is not difficult.

The pistol can be easily disassembled for cleaning, especially as for the main parts that need to be cleaned are in the magazine. Magazine around for 15 balls - is upset. However, it is made from quality materials (no plastic sponges) and quickly will not fall apart.


If you do not have a gun and you want to take it a "secondary" that this pistol is a good option, it relatively non-expensive, practical, reliable, convenient, no fastidious, made ​​of quality materials, appearance and design are similar to the military prototype.

If you want to use the pistol as the primary weapon for airsoft, it is best to look at some other models, this model`s magazine for airsoft realities too modest (though no one bothers to take several magazines, and learn how to quickly change it). As "secondary housing "for the primary weapon pistol is very comfortable and nice.

Esthetism rating: 8/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 8/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 8/10
Overall rating:

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