Fire Camera Mini HD Helmet Cam

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Model Mini HD
Brand Fire Cam
Size 3.5 inches (8.89 cms)
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Creation date July 10, 2011
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The Fire Cam Mini HD Helmet Camera was created by a St. Louis firefighter. While it is made to with stand temperatures found in house fires, it is certainly durable enough to take the heat of any airsoft battle, from CQB to Field.

Specifications and Goodies

-Records in 1280 x 720p HD
-12 MP Camera
-Waterproof from up to 50ft.
-Holds up to 32GB Micro SD Card {(not included) Class 6 and above recommended}
-Heat Resistant Anodized Aluminum

-2 Rechargeable batteries
-Rubber Helmet Straps
-"Vent" straps for Bike style helmets
-Several different camera mounts for photography buffs
-Handle Bar Mount


This is a great little camera. While it is designed by firefighters for firefighters, I have found that it has great potential as an airsoft camera. The camera weighs 4 oz, and has a length of 3.5", making it one of the smallest cameras for use in airsoft. The set includes not 1, but 2 batteries, that have thus far lasted longer then the 16GB Micro SD cards that I have used for filming. More then enough straps are included, whether you had a "B2" style helmet with vents, or if you have a mich style helmet, you will be able to fit your helmet with everything included. I have found that there are many flashlight rail kits for less then $15, that will hold this camera, and allow you to install it to the rails on your weapon or to the ones on your mich style helmet. The handle bar straps were a nice surprise, and allowed me to carry the camera on the should buckle of my plate carrier. The video comes in excellent 720P with very minimal chop. The microphone leaves a little to be desired, but then again, as long as you get to hear the awesomeness of your gun, and the enemy yelling "hit" that's all that matters. Unlike most other "sport" cameras, this camera does not come with software or a way to edit you video.


- Mini
- 720p HD
- Long Battery Life
- Tough as nails
- Lots of goodies included
- Micro SD Card not included
- No way to measure battery life while in use
- Lack of editing software
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 8/10
Precision rating: 9/10
Accessories rating: 10/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

Anonymous how many it cost ?

6 years ago

MerlinDKM $289.95

6 years ago

impactgames How well did mounting the camera on your plate carrier work? I think airsofters move their heads too much for a helmet cam, resulting serious motion sickness...

6 years ago

MerlinDKM It didn't work to bad, only issue is in whenever your in cover, usually whatever your hiding behind blocks the view of the target. If I could I would purchase a second one to put on my gun. I currently use a Kodak Sport that is big and bulky.

6 years ago

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