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Category Replicas
Subcategory Pistols
Model KP8.45 / KP8c
Propulsion Gas
Shoot modes Semi-auto
Weight 5 lbs (2,267.96 grams)
Size 7 inches (17.78 cms)
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Creation date July 13, 2011
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Keywords: kwa, kjs, gbb, gas, blow, back, pistol, usp

Anyone looking for a nice USP Replica, should seriously consider investing in a KWA KP8. The KP8.45 and the KP8c are nearly identical, and having used both, I can guarantee you that the KP8.45 and the KP8c function exactly the same.

Over the course of a year and a half of using it, I put through it at least 1000+ rounds, countless mags and refills on green gas, and it currently works the same it did right out of the box.

Source Phoenix (ShadowNET Airsoft)


Other than the minor problems listed above, the gun is excellent quality. Great build, great durability, and excellent design. I recommend this gun to anyone who\\\'s looking for a USP type model gun for Airsoft.

- Durable
- Nice Kick
- Comfortable
- Gas Consumption Great
- Fits USP Paddle Holsters
- Slidelock sometimes doesn\\\'t work
- Safety wears down
Esthetism rating: 9/10
Performance rating: 9/10
Precision rating: 7/10
Accessories rating: 8/10
Quality rating: 9/10
Overall rating:

Anonymous I have a KWA KP8c NS2 and love it. There is, however, one thing you should know about airsoft USPs: They have a horribly weak trigger. Be very careful not to put too much pressure on it with the safety on OR off. This is the reason for the weak safety. They are near impossible to replace once they do break short of sending them straight to KWA and paying to have them work on it.

6 years ago

Weedmann I've had this gun for about a month and Enjoyed using it, It helps out big time in CQB areas. This is a great pistol and will hold alot of gas/bb's compared to a 1911. But the only con I've found is the slidelock doesn't work.

6 years ago

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