Olight S1R Baton

Olight S1R Baton

When I was first asked to review S1R Baton flashlight from Olight by my friends from 365 Plus, I immediately said »Yes, I'll do it«. Then, I asked myself, how am I going to do this? First, I looked it up on the internet, to see, what I'm dealing ...

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Olight H1 Nova headlamp

Olight H1 Nova headlamp

H1 Nova is one of the newest Olight products, that will appear in stores in December 2016. As with most of their products, it's a nice little innovative package and headlamp, you may want to try out.

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AK Bulgarian Pattern Magazine

AK Bulgarian Pattern Magazine

This is a quick and concise to buy or not to buy review.

When i purchased a "G&G RK beta spetznaz" off of a friend of mine i was stuck when it came to magazines for two reasons, firstly that G&G guns are notorious for their hatred of magazines from other manufacturers and secondly is my low budget.

PTS P MAGs ( Low Cap )

PTS P MAGs ( Low Cap )

This is my Review about the PTS P Mags.

1.1 Fakts
1.2 Ingame experiences
1.3 Specification

1.1 Fakts
Weight 110g
Available Colors: Foliage Green (FG),Black Color(BK)
Green (OD), Dark Earth (DE)
Materials: ABS plastic
Capacity: 75 BBs

1.2 I use by now this P Mag since a half year in my HK G36( with M4 convention Kit )and they work great. The only think is that they would not fit...

Airsoft Magazine - Metal M4 / M16 Series AEG HI-CAP 300 RDS

Airsoft Magazine - Metal M4 / M16 Series ...

This magazine is recommended for use with the A&K, Echo 1, JG, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, VFC, ICS, G&G, and G&P M4/M16 series AEGs, it may work with other brands AEG but cannot be guaranteed by LA Wings.

Make in Taiwan

Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds

Fixing a leaky WE M4/SCAR magazine

Fixing a leaky WE M4/SCAR magazine

This will be a guide on how to fix a leaky WE M4/SCAR Magazine.

EDIT: This method will cause your magazines to be hard to maintain. Only use if you need a quick fix and don't have orings at home.

The text will be in Swedish.
I'm working on a translation into English.

PTS P MAGs ( Low Cap )

PTS P MAGs ( Low Cap )

1.1 Fakten
1.2 Ingame Erfahrungen
1.3 Spezifikation

1.1 Fakts
Gewicht 110g
Verfügbare Farben: Foliage Green (FG) , Farbe: Schwarz (BK)
Green ( OD) , Dark Earth (DE)
Material: ABS-Kunststoff
Kapazität: 75 BBs

1.2 Ich benutze jetzt dieses P Mag, seit einem halben Jahr in meinem HK G36 ( mit M4- Convention Kit) und sie funktionieren super. Die einzige Sache ist aber das sie nicht in jede...

FatMag de 850 bb´s hicap SOCOMGEAR / Echo1

FatMag de 850 bb´s hicap SOCOMGEAR / Echo...

Nunca tener los mags suficientes durante la partida, ponerse a recargar durante la misma o irse hasta el auto a buscar más bb´s. Temas conocidos en el mundo airsoftero sin lugar a dudas. Hoy le hacemos review al FATMAG Echo1 ( SocomGear) el cuál nos permitirá llevar la nada despreciable cantidad de 850 bb´s en nuestra réplica, compatible con sistemas tipo M4/,m16 tipo TM.

Muchos me preguntaron...


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