The Generation III FastMags were some of the products Rifle fans interested in, as a heavy user of the 5.56mm AR-15 platform.The FastMags are a polymer AR-15 magazine carrier with an open-top, and an elastic tension band. The band provides tension ...

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Olight S1R Baton

Olight S1R Baton

When I was first asked to review S1R Baton flashlight from Olight by my friends from 365 Plus, I immediately said »Yes, I'll do it«. Then, I asked myself, how am I going to do this? First, I looked it up on the internet, to see, what I'm dealing ...

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Ballistic Tsunami Condor Modular Chest Rig Long Term Review

Ballistic Tsunami Condor Modular Chest Ri...

HD Video Review link:

Flanker's long term review on the Condor Modular chest rig, #MCR I. With so many chest rigs and tactical vests on the market, How does the high value Condor Outdoor offering stack up against the competition. Watch and find out.

- black
- coyote brown
- OD

Pantac Lightweight Modular System - Tactical Gear

Pantac Lightweight Modular System - Tacti...

Pantac recently introduced the LWMS, or Lightweight Modular System, which is fully user-configurable for any mission. LWMS allows for a custom configuration with any chest panel, shoulder harness, or pack.

Condor Outdoor CS: Modular Chest Set

Condor Outdoor CS: Modular Chest Set

The first Chest Rig I purchased was the Condor Modular Chest Set. This Tactical Vest is very versatile and can be configured to meet all your needs, whether you want to run light weight or you want to carry items for a full day of Airsofting.
I have been known to attach on the front MOLLE around my waist more M4 pouches for my M4 DMR and use the built in pouches for either MP5 or MP40 mags. I als...

Análisis de Flyye LTB 6094 Inner Triple Mag Pouch airsoftBB

Análisis de Flyye LTB 6094 Inner Triple M...

Análisis del pouch interno para chalecos tipo LBT6094 donde se pueden llevar 3 mags de m4 o de AK. Flyye LTB 6094 Inner Triple Mag Pouch.

Video completo:

Recibimos muchas consultas respecto a como llevar mags en el área abdominal del chaleco 6094 ya que muchos no sabían si simplemente hay que ponerlos allí o hay algún producto específico. Cómo lo h...

Viper ® LA Special Forces Vest

Viper ® LA Special Forces Vest

The realisation of being in a fire fight and running out of ammo and trying to either reload a magazine in the field or fumbling around whatever pocket a magazine maybe stowed in soon shows up the need for a load carrying ability. After a few skirmishes you soon get tired of the previous scenario, so I soon found that one absolute essential for Airsofting was the ability to carry spare magazines i...

Pantac USA MOLLE Recon Vest (RRV)

Pantac USA MOLLE Recon Vest (RRV)

The Pantac MOLLE Recon Vest is a lightweight, versatile RRV style chest rig. The modular design is ideal for use with a backpack, and is still capable of carrying a hard armor plate. This makes it an ideal choice when a lightweight setup is desired, but front armor is still a necessity. The construction and features of the Pantac RRV are thorough and well thought out, from the top quality material...

CAG Armor  (Copie du CAGE Armor de Crye Precision)

CAG Armor (Copie du CAGE Armor de Crye P...

Review du ‘SolidFox’ CAG Armor, première reproduction du CAGE Armor Châssis de Crye Precision.
Et en véritable MultiCam s’il vous plaît !
Je précise que je n\\\'ai jamais eu de PC donc la comparaison au niveau poids, emport, confort m\\\'est impossible ou bien approximative.
D\\\'avance, désolé pour les photos floues, elles ne semblaient pas l\\\'être sur l\\\'écran de l\\\'appareil.

Note: J...

Plate Carrier en Crye Multicam de Rothco

Plate Carrier en Crye Multicam de Rothco

Rothco es una reconocida y tradicional marca de equipamiento y gear militar en los Estados Unidos, de tradición familiar y de larga data haciendo supply a diferentes fuerzas policiales dentro de USA y a sus fuerzas armadas. Con su modelo de chaleco Molle Plate Carrier Multicam buscan satisfacer 3 mercados en simultaneo: el militar, el policial y el de airsoft/paintball.

Esto lo decimos ya que e...

Chaleco TMC JPC vest / Jump Plate Carrier en Coyote Brown

Chaleco TMC JPC vest / Jump Plate Carrier...

Video análisis del chaleco TMC JPC vest de la marca TMC. Este chaleco liviano JPC ( originalmente de nombre Jumpable Plate Carrier ) es usado por diversas unidades de fuerzas militares, sobre todo en EEUU. El material del chaleco es cordura 500D en color Coyote Brown pero se puede encontrar en otros colores y patrones.

TMC mejoro cualitativamente el ultimo tiempo debido a la gran competencia in...

Flyye WSH Weesatch Review

Flyye WSH Weesatch Review

What struck me about the Flyee WSH was basically the ability to use it straight off without the additional purchase of extra pouches. It has a number of internal ‘pockets' for up to 10 magazines plus a radio or even a bottle of BB's, this pocket secures by some shock cord and a cordlock. The ‘pockets' are fully adjustable with velcro closures and each pocket holds 2 magazines. What I liked about t...


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