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Length 10 minutes
Players 6
Ground Mixed
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Creation date February 21, 2015
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"Hold the Flag" is a great game to play with small, medium, large, or any sized group of players.


This is almost like CTF, but with a twist. Instead of "capturing" a flag, the objective of this game is to have the flag in your teams possession when the clock runs out.
Here's how you play:

Each teams captain participates in a coin toss. Whichever team wins the coin toss will start off with control of the flag. The teams captain will now select a player from his team (can pick himself) to carry the flag. You can carry the flag however you prefer (attached to vest, held in hand, etc.). The clock is then set to 10 minutes.

The team who is in control of the flag is more or less the defense. The team who is not in control is the offense and their objective is to kill the flag carrier. Once shot, the flag carrier must drop the flag where he was shot, and exit the playing field (no respawn). The flag is now accessible and either team can seize it. Whichever team takes control of the flag is now (or still) the defense and will want to keep control until the clock runs out. The main objective is to shoot the flag carrier but you can shoot anyone (besides teammates, of course). Whichever team is in control of the flag when the 10 minutes is up wins the game. There is no respawn in this game, so if every player is out besides one, that one players team wins. Or if one team eliminates all opposing team players, they win. If neither team is in control of the flag when the clock runs out, the team who last had control of the flag wins, even if all there teammates are eliminated.

This game is great for all groups, but you might find this more fun for large groups (20-40 players) because there is no respawning, and the the games will usually last the full 10 minutes.

I would also recommend using a bright or colorful flag so that the opposing team can find the flag carrier and shoot him. If you're playing at night I would recommend a glow-stick or glow-in-the-dark flag.

Have fun out there.


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