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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Search & Destroy
Length 1 hours
Players 6
Ground Mixed
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Creation date July 26, 2011
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Keywords: Bomb

One bomb, placed in the middel of the playing field.
bout tems are traying to take out the outer teams base whit the one bomb.
Bomb time can you decide yourself. Medic and re-spawn should be in the game just to make it more funny, but you dont need it.
The healing-time and re-spawn time are up to you and decide.

Base aeria dont ned to be more than a Paperbag hanging in a tree or somthing, or you could bild yourself a base. But the re-spawn can not be in the base but 100 meters away.


JimmyPage13 please learn basic grammar and spelling.

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Drake Players: form 6 and up

7 years ago

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