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Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Hypothetical Conflict
Length 5 hours
Players 210
Ground Mixed
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Creation date July 27, 2011
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The Year: 2018-2025

The setting: China, Russia, United States, Japan

United States President Randy Morrison has declared war on China, for no other reason that to control the entire world. An elite division of the US Military, code named "Blitzkrieg Corps" has set out to make sure that the President does not succeed. The first battle takes place in Washington D.C., near the White House. The mission is simple, capture the President at all costs. In the end, the team takes no casualties, but the President escapes.

From there the team is sent to China, in an attempt to keep a war from happening. The Chinese President agrees, but the public wants war. They both sign an agreement banning the use of nuclear strikes on land based targets, and the war begins. The team must fight it's way out of China and head to Russia, a member of the Allied forces. Meanwhile, President Morrison has discovered the location of the Nemesis Fleet, a fleet of super advanced ships. He manages to have most of the vessels captured, but the Blitzkrieg Forces resist. They manage to keep hold of several major vessels, including USS Alaska, USS Excalibur and USS Montana, all major ships that were supposedly either destroyed or never completed.

From there the team heads to Japan to fight off the Northern Japanese Coalition, which intends on completing the conquest of the Japanese Empire in World War II. The strike force ends up having to retreat, but not after causing heavy damage to coastal defense batteries and missile silos. The Northern Japanese Coalition defenses are crippled, but they still have their entire fleet of 5 new aircraft carriers, 2 which are stolen Nimitz class carriers.

The final mission takes the team back to Russia, where they do a final confrontation with Morrison, the Japanese, and the Chinese. Halfway through the battle a message is sent to the Chinese HQ, and they change sides, aiding the Blitzkrieg Forces and Russian Defense Force. Shortly after the British and Germans arrive, bringing air support and heavy artillery. Morrison and the Japanese are outnumbered. They make a hasty retreat, but at the same time Morrison attempts to launch a nuclear strike against China, Russia, Britain and Germany. He is killed by an Allied sniper before he could enter the codes.

Alternate final mission:

Morrison, seeing the possibility of Britain and Germany entering the fight, launches a nuclear strike at Russia, Britain and Germany, eliminating most of the Allied forces. The Blitzkrieg force ends up going to Guerrilla tactics, doing hit and run strikes on the Axis forces bases.

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