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Category Modern Warfare
Length 1 hours
Players 40
Ground Mixed
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Creation date August 10, 2011
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Language English
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its a simple game of CTF only 1 member of each team has a flag attatched to there vest, they must not stay in one place for more than 30 seconds, they have to stay on the move, this is the same for the teams involved all players must keep moving and no ambush's allowed. when a flag carrier is hit he must shout out a password (agreed with his team at the start) to indecate that he has dropped the flag( the idea is that the other team does not know that the carreier is down) if a team member captures the other teams flag he must call out a password again(agreed at the start with the team) so his team know that they have the flag and all team members can head back to thier base with the flags, once a player is hit he can respawn back in. this is a game that was played at a site i visited so its not my idea, but it was a great game to play.


StealthMaster Sounds fun. How do you decide who carries the flag?

4 years ago
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