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Length 30 minutes
Players 7
Ground Mixed
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Creation date August 16, 2011
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this is basically a variation of the High Value Target scenario.

you have one player acting as the HVT. marshals place this person some place in the arena/field.

2 other players act as rescue personel for the HVT. their job is to find teh HVT and retrun him to teh safe zone/designated location. these two act as medics and can revive each other once (each can take 2 hits in total). the HVT can be revived only once (can take 2 hits)

the rest of the players act as hunters have to capture the HVT and return him to the safezone or kill him

the rescue team are taken into teh field to a random location by the marshals, the hunter team do not know where they are. the marshals then place teh hunter team in a random location so they dont know where the rescue team are.

the hunters can have limited spawns and can be restricted to one spawn location, they do not use medic rules.

this would work well on larger fields and teh use of comms between the HVT and rescue team could help

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