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Title: Blackhawk Down
Type: Attack and defend
Teams: A vs B
Objective: Team A is to survive until they are extracted at the end of the game (30 min). They must establish a defensive perimeter and defend it. They have 5 minutes to settle in before the game is called on. Team B will be a mob trying to kill every member of Team A

Respawn Team A: 1 time only for each player of Team A, go to the respawn A and then back to the Blackhawk
Respawn Team B: When 4 players or more of Team B are at the respawn they go back on the field
Winning conditions Team A: Have a minimum of one player still alive after 30 minutes
Winning conditions Team B: Eliminate all Team A players
Stalemate conditions: None
Losing conditions Team A: All players eliminated
Losing conditions Team B: All players eliminated or time expired with a minimum of 1 player of Team A alive
Limitation: Team B can not shoot any player that is 10 meters of their respawn or is in transition from the respawn to the Blackhawk
Limitation: Players from Team A may not shoot in transit from the respawn to the Blackhawk
Team A:
Duration: 30 Minutes
Team A to Team B ration can be from 1:1 (easy) up to 1:3 (hard)
10 to 40 plaers


skittlesuk I may use this next week... sounds great..

4 years ago

AirsoftBeach This is a perfect game setup and was very well thought out. The field I go to has a 2 acre field that has a perfect building that could be used as a blackhawk.

7 years ago

taktikairsoft Thank you for the comment. Hope you have a lot of fun. I have about 30+ scenarios that are not on A2 yet. I was waiting to see comments and posts from players.

7 years ago

MabelMabel You should post them

4 years ago

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