Team Deathmatch/ Kill confirmed/

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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Team Deathmatch
Length 1 hours
Players 20
Ground Mixed
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Creation date September 13, 2011
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Language English
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This is a classic team deathmatch game but with a subtility about the behaviour when you're hit.
The 2 teams have a pack a things (packet of tissues). Each player have one with him at the begininng.
When a player is hit he takes his packet in the hand and count to 20
If an enemy player come to him he must give his packet to him and then get back to respawn
If not he goes back to respawn after 20
If he lost his packet he must take another from the respawn before getting back to game
In order to play, a player must have a packet of tissues with him
End of game when there are no more packets for one of the teams.


RugbyGoth This is a transcription n airsoft of "Kill Confirmed" mode in MW3

7 years ago

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