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Length 10 minutes
Players 6
Ground Woods
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Creation date February 23, 2016
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It's every mosquito...*cough, cough*...it's every man for himself in this quick-paced, nighttime airsoft game. Each man is on the search for the hidden flashlights, trying to obtain them while also eluding enemy fire.


Three flashlights are hidden throughout a (preferably) wooded playing field well after sunset. It should be dark enough so that the flashlights are clearly visible when turned on. All three flashlights are turned on before the round starts, and they should be placed far away from each other. The light should be aiming up toward the sky. When the round starts, it is every man for himself, and everyone is a "mosquito". How does light affect mosquitoes? It attracts them. Every player is on a hunt for the flashlights. Players can shoot each other anytime during the round. Once a player finds a flashlight, he will try to obtain it and avoid being seen while obtaining it. Once a player obtains a flashlight, he is no longer a mosquito, but is now a man. Once you find a flashlight and take it, you cannot take any other flashlights. Once you become a "man" your objective is to find others who have become men and work with them to fight off the mosquitoes. If you are a "man" and you get shot, you must immediately turn on your flashlight, that way if the player who shot you was one of the men, he can signal back with his flashlight or verbally so you can team up, the hit won't count, and you'll still be in the game.

Taking a flashlight isn't always a good idea because you have two choices to make when you have one. If you want to find others who have a flashlight, you may want to keep the light turned on so they know you're not a mosquito. On the other hand, you might not want to walk around with a light on at night, and in that case other non-mosquitoes will not know if you are a mosquito or not. So you can make the choice to not take the flashlight at all and remain a mosquito. If you're a mosquito and you see that someone or some have found the flashlight(s), you generally should team up with other mosquitoes against the man/men, but you can choose to still go everyone for himself. Not all flashlights have to be obtained. The game ends when all mosquitoes are eliminated or all men are eliminated.


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