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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Last player standing
Length 50 minutes
Players 10
Ground Mixed
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Creation date March 01, 2016
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The O-Zone now has multiple holes and has turned seemingly safe locations into microwaves, killing anyone who's in them for too long. With these 'hot spots' getting larger by the month; Earth has descended into tribes fighting for survival.


-=How to determine the # of water bottles to have-=

10 Alive Players
9 Bottles of Water
Five minutes later...
9 Alive Players
8 Bottles of water
Five minutes later...

10 players need 45 bottles of water for a full game.

-= Quick Game / Water Shortage =-

In the event of lacking the water; you can a smaller amount of bottles to make each game round based.

Example is for a 10 player game

Round 1: Seven bottles

Round 2: Four bottles

Round 3: Two bottles

Round 4: One bottle

Bottle total: 14 bottles.

Save your 20 oz soda bottles for this.

Pyre Kitsune

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