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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Team Deathmatch
Length 30 minutes
Players 10
Ground Mixed
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Two teams fight for one or two riot shields(preferrably made out of cardboard, explanation below) that are placed near the centre of the field. Any player from any team can pick up one(1) shield each and use that. While carrying the shield, the player can only use a pistol or a small handheld SMG(like a MAC11 or Uzi). Each team has its own set spawn point, and the players have to wait for 15 seconds before re-spawning. Each player has 3-5 lives(you can decide that yourself). When the shield-carrier is "dead" the shield is dropped instantly and the carrier returns to the spawn point. Any player on the field will then be able to pick up the shield and use it themselves.

The game ends when one team has eliminated the other. The use of shields makes it easier to win.

The reason the shields should be made out of cardboard is that the shields actually will take damage over time when shot at, like real shields do.

I recommend playing with a player to shield ratio of 5:1(5 players-1 shield)

Number of players: 10-20 players
Playtime: 10-90 minutes

Source My brain cells


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