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Okay, the game starts off with 5 teams preferably with 10 players each(5 will work). The first team is the survivors, which are the people who survived the Nuclear Holocaust. The 2nd team is the Zombies, who are hunting all of the humans. 3rd team is the former US Army, which is completely corrupt, and tries to eliminate every team EXCEPT THE MARINES. The 4th Team is the Marines, who are under control of the Army, and must obey everything they say. Finally, the 5th team is the Civilians, who are armed with basic weapons only(Spring Sniper Rifles, AK-47s and M16s, and Co2/Spring Pistols). Okay, the game is based on team deathmatch, but with a twist. The Survivors OR Civilians must find out what the Army is hiiding, by going into their base, and stealing a flag, and returning it to their base. Anyway, the game ends when one team kills all other teams Except the Survivors or Civilians, when they must get the Intelligence to win(eliminating the other teams is optional). ANother Exceptions is the Army, in which the Army doesnt have to eliminate the Marines(They only have to eliminate 4 teams).


The year is 2062, 25 years after the Zombiepocalypse of 2037. A Scientist named Dr. Alfred O'Keefe invented a Disease that was originaly meant for Biological Warfare. Anyway, he named the disease "Proxinart Ialdenis", or "Proxy" for short. The disease was terrible, turning people into savages. Naturally, the disease got out of control, when a Test Subject broke out of the lab. The disease was spread all across the US, making our once great country into a Desolate Wasteland.


Stunner What State?

5 years ago

Stunner Where?

6 years ago

lordFujieda this would get confusing... it would be easier if youve went through the US Military's basic training heading out in january

6 years ago

RedRyan couldnt you get away with three teams instead

6 years ago

elydotsnry Good but could be very confusing. Could the amount of teams be lessened?

6 years ago

DinoMan05 marines under control of army? wtf? marines are the toughest branch of the US military.

6 years ago

lordFujieda i agree marines all the way

6 years ago


7 years ago

FUBAR10 seems a really good good game

7 years ago
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