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Length 30 minutes
Ground Mixed
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Creation date October 18, 2011
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Keywords: bomb, squad, teamwork, planting

A long version of planting the bomb that requires lots of teamwork and 2 some what large and seperate fields. You can play this game with one field but there needs to be restrictions if you do. Also, at the start of the game everyone will have unlimited respawns until someone finds the bomb, then bomb carriers only have one life.

This is how the game goes. First you need a bunker or some room located at the center of the field, it will be considered the briefing room. The idea is to get someone on your team in and out of the bunker so that they can proceed to stage 2. Once they get out of the bunker they will be allowed to go to the second field to locate the bomb, no one else besides those people that got in and out the bunker will be allowed to go to the second field. However, they have to find the bomb while still fighting off the other teams bomb locators. Once a team finds the bomb they must bring it back to the ref (commander) on the first field to receive coordinates on where to plant the bomb. If a player gets shot while holding the bomb they must drop the bomb and call themselves out, no more respawns for them. Once coordinates are received the bomb planter is allowed to bring along other team members to provide cover while they make there way to the bomb site. When a player makes it to the bomb site the game is called and the team that planted the bomb wins.


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