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Category Quick Games
Subcategory King of the Hill
Length 20 minutes
Ground Mixed
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Creation date October 18, 2011
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This match is a form of king of the hill with unlimited respawns.

The idea is that located at the center of the field is a bunker or building. The objective is to get 5 people on your team in the bunker within 20 minutes. Once you get 5 people in the bunker then a countdown is initiated and you must hold the spot for 1 minute to win the game.
If you have 5 people in the bunker and one of them is shot while the countdown is happening. Then that player must respawn at the back of the field and the countdown is terminated.
The game will continue until a team gets 5 of there players in the bunker for 1 minute or until the 20 min mark hits and the game is over.


MabelMabel If one of the five people is shot, does the countdown start over?

4 years ago

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