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Keywords: Zombie, Cure, Panic, Sickness

This game is best used in a forest or at a dry river bed at night but can be used for any type of field. For this match you will need to have a ratio of 1:3, soldiers vs. zombies, at least. Also, for the soldiers each player should have a glowstick so people know who is and isn't a zombie.

The idea is that somewhere out on the field is mankinds last chance at a cure.
The objective is to find a plant or some type of flower that can be used to make a cure and bring it back to the extraction point. The extraction team will be sent from one side of the field with a picture of what the item looks like as well as a box to contain the sample. Once they find the plant they must place it within a containment box and return it to the extraction point.

Zombies are allowed to walk and sprint towards the extraction team. If a player is tagged they are required to holster their weapons, hide their glowsticks, and take a knee for 30 seconds before getting up and joining the zombie team. Also, if a zombie is shot they must lay down on the ground for 30 seconds before respawning.

Players are only allowed pistols, shotguns, and melee weapons such as a nerf sword. Each player can only have one flashlight per person and the max amount of ammo allowed should be 50 rounds. No extra ammo should be allowed. This way everyone conserves their rounds and try to find the objective as fast as possible.

This game ends either by a succesful extraction of the plant sample or every player is turned into a zombie.


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