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Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Mafia Wars
Length 30 minutes
Players 20
Ground Urban
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Creation date October 18, 2011
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Language English
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Your boss has told the organization that he will need to be escorted from one side of the city to the other to handle a little "business. Its your job as a henchman to make sure and deliver him safely through the crime filled city. The problem is that every other mafia group somehow knows about this and are preparing for the move.

This match is setup with 10 players against 20 other players and is a version of Team Deathmatch. The 10 players are the mafia group and one person is designated as the boss. While the other 20 are the opposition trying to eliminate the boss.
The boss is given a riot shield for protection and has to be close to one of their henchman to be able to keep moving. The idea is that the opposition has to first take out the henchman before they can go after the boss. The boss cannot be killed until all henchman are eliminted. However, he can be killed by a grenade without the henchman being killed.

The game comes to an end when either the mafia boss has made it to the other side of the field or the mafia group is eliminated.


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