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guns should be below 200fps.
the close combat weapon can be a knife/sward/stick/baseball bat/hockey stick/ect.

*NOTE: DO NOT USE REAL STEAL GUN/KNIFE/SWORD... use your head, nurf stuff works great!*

there are a couple ways to start, heres 2 ways:
- place everyones name in a hat, and draw 1, 2, or 3 names (depending on what you think is a good number) and then while everyone is getting ready to go out, tell the people they are "it"

the second way (i prefer)
- grab a deck of average playing cards and give each player 1, and they DO NOT show anyone else, if they get an ace (A) then they are "it". then you simply have everyone give their cards back and go out.

everyone goes out into the battle area, and you can group up with people, or go out separately, you get 5 minutes to get to where you want then an airhorn is blown.

once you hear the airhorn, if you are "it" you turn into a zombie, and you throw your dead rag on, and put your pistol away, and pull out your close combat weapon.
if you are not "it" then you better defend yourself!

if you are a zombie, you infect a non-infected person by stabbing/hitting them with your weapon *YOU DO NOT HIT AS HARD AS YOU CAN, JUST ENOUGH SO THEY KNOW THEY WERE HIT*
if you are running from zombie, you can "kill" them by a 10 shot life (it takes 10 bbs for them to die (zombies will keep up with how many times they were hit))
if you were a starting zombie (meaning you were one of the "its") you have 20 lives. (this helps from zombies losing every time.

thats it. tell me what you think!

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