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Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Hypothetical Conflict
Length 1 hours
Players 1
Ground Mixed
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Creation date October 16, 2016
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Language English
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With this event there will be 4 stages. First event Hunter Dan. Second event Spy games. Third Event Operation strong arm. Forth event Extraction.

This event will be team vs team to find Hunter Dan. There will be a map of the possible locations of him released prior to event day. The first team to carry him back to their base will be given the map for where the camp is of the a posing team. To win you must carry Hunter Dan back to your camp. Hunter Dan is a two man carry. You can use your primary weapon. You can steal Hunter Dan from the a posing team by shooting both carries and retrieving him. If time limit is reached whoever has Hunter Dan the closest to camp will receive the map. The other team the drug case.

This event is a limited player event to retrieve intel on the teams camp. The team with the map will have the upper hand. Only three players can go out to scout the other teams camp. The rest of the teams will set up a base camp. If your team has the case it most be visible by no less then 50%. If a battle is started from the players sent out then one or two more players can be sent out to help rescue those team mates. All intel will be lost if the player(s) are KIA. If captured it is the team decision to set free or hold. If set free all intel is still theirs. If held for capture intel is lost.

This event Will be one team trying to get the drugs from the others camp. You can either sneak the drugs out without being caught or have a fire fight. The team that didn't receive the map will be the team to defend the drugs. That team will have 2 lives to respond the other team will be given 4. The game ends when either team is kia or drugs returned to the other base.

Will be team vs team. One team will have 15 mins to set themselves up in the woods. The other will have 15 minutes to plan their way to the extraction point. There will be a map given of where the extraction point is. Either team can win by taking the other team out. If the team working to get to the extraction with all team mates there they win.


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