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Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Mafia Wars
Length 15 minutes
Players 20
Ground Urban
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Creation date October 19, 2011
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Language English
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A member of your organization has ratted you out and now a fully armed assault team has come to take you away to prison but you rather make a last stand instead of rotting away in a cage.

There are two groups the mafia and the assault team. The mafia group places themselves in a building and is to hold off the assault team until the clock runs out. Meanwhile the assault team needs to take out every member of the mafia to win.

The ratio of players should be roughly 1:3 mafia vs. assault. The mafia is allowed full auto while the assault team is only allowed semi auto. Also, the assault team is allowed to only have one life while the mafia is allowed 1 life and 1 respawn. However, for a mafia member to respawn they must take a knee, drop to the ground, and have another mafia player place their hand on them for 10 seconds to heal him.

The match either ends with all the mafia members killed, all the assault team killed, or the mafia is able to last until the clock runs out.


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