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Length 60 minutes
Place Open
Ground Mixed
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Creation date October 29, 2011
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BLUE TEAM holds area/structure instrumental to the defense of their "zone". If they lose control of it, it's the beginning of the end for them.

RED TEAM is an assault group at the front of a large army, that after a long fight and low on ammo, find themselves at the doorstep of their enemy, and that army behind them can't move forward until they take out the enemy's position in front of them.

While they are low on ammo, their HQ has managed to airdrop a pack containing ammunition. Unfortunately, due to weather/hostile fire they weren't as accurate as they usually are, and the drop is somewhere several hundred meters away. Luckily there is a GPS unit packed into the supply drop that you can track to using the GPS unit assigned to the RED TEAM.


Good scenario to run right after everyone has geared up and topped off their magazines.

To download this scenario in PDF format, go here:



Andrewcs1998 how did you get the map/main picture i was wondering because id love to do that with some of my scenarios

6 years ago

Longshanks Hey Andrew, the map was created using Google Earth and Photoshop.

6 years ago

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