Operation Cold Front - The Battle for Berlin

Scenario informations
Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Hypothetical Conflict
Length 8 hours
Players 50
Year 2011
Place Berlin,Germany
Ground Mixed
General Informations
Creation date December 07, 2011
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Language English
Confidentiality Public




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For 21 years, USA and Russian relations have been civil yet tense following the fall of Communism and the end of the Cold War. Russia's struggle in it's' adoption of a democratic government has demoralized its' country; politically, and economically. Russia loss of its' Superpower status amid the chaos of an economic tailspin, relying more on “outsiders” to import supplies, corrupt government officials' and selling off its' weapons for cash on the black markets.

Since 2006 the US has been in an economic tailspin, due to its' free spending and credit happy citizens, housing market burst and its' BIG governments' purchase now, pay later attitude.

On December 5, 2010 Wikileaks.org released diplomatic cables to the World. In its' possession were cables about numerous heads of states; including Russian Prime Minister and former President Vladimir Putin. A particularly nasty one referring to Putin as “an authoritarian who hates Israel and said he leads a government with Islamist influences.” “Nowhere is this perhaps more true than in Russia, where one of the widest-reported leaked cables showed a U.S. belief that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was the "Alpha Dog" in Russia government over President Dmitri Medvedev. The cables even go a step further and call the higher-ranked President Medvedev "Robin" to Prime Minister Putin's "Batman."”

A look at other cables show this apparent internal power struggle between Putin, himself the former president, and Medvedev as leading to a host of other diplomatic issues.

Tensions are running high in the city of Berlin, where despite the wall coming down some years ago, a small fraction of both sides remain. Things are beginning to come to a boil as the US loses its' grip on the only Superpower left and Russia is climbing back into the arms race.

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