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Category Outside the Box
Length 1 hours
Players 10
Ground Mixed
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Creation date February 09, 2018
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Language English
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It's quiet, dark, cold, and lonely. You don't know when the next attack is about to break out. You better pray you have an accurate internal clock...


You need 15 or more players. To start, 3 players are put on one end of the map, they'll be carrying the weapon of their choice, and they are called the "Hunted". Everyone else is held back on the opposite end of the map until release, and those people are called the "Floaters". The game will start with the sound of a horn, whistle, trumpet, whatever. When the game starts, the clock is set for 10 minutes and the "First Tier" of Floaters is released. The "First Tier" will be 2 men armed with only single-shot spring weapons. The first 2 floaters have to attempt killing the 3 Hunted. If they succeed they win, if not, and the Hunted kill them, they go back to base and respawn. Every 10th minute begins the next "Tier", and every Tier 2 more players are released onto the playing field. 2 Floaters are released every Tier regardless of who is on the playing field. So if the first 2 Floaters were killed, they respawn, and on the 10th minute come back out with the additional 2 Floaters. If the first 2 Floaters were not killed, they continue play and the addition 2 Floaters join them. On the Third Tier, 2 more are released, making 6 Floaters, on the Fourht Tier, 2 more, making 8 Floaters, etc. Basically, every 10 minutes 2 more Floaters are released and join forces with the other Floaters. The game ends after an hour is completed, or if the Hunted are killed. The Hunted do NOT respawn when shot.

No alarm will sound after the initial start of the game. After that, no alarm will sound to notify the Hunted of the next Tier. That's why it's important for those 3 Hunted to have an accurate "internal clock". You may use your phone or a watch to keep time, but that's usually distracting. Your call though. The game is best played at night, and can be very thrilling as the Hunted don't know when the next Tier of Floaters will be released, the anticipation can kill ya.

At 50 minutes, on the 6th and final Tier, 12 Floaters will be released and attempt to take out the 3 Hunted. That's why you need at least 15 players. If you have over 15 players, you'll release all of the Floaters on the 6th Tier. So, let's say you have 20 players total (including the 3 Hunted). On the 6th Tier, there will be 10 in the field, and instead of just releasing the addtional 2 Floaters, you'll release the remaining 5 Floaters to make 17 Floaters vs 3 Hunted. It may not seem fair, but keep in mind it's meant to be a thriller-type game, and also the Floaters can only use spring weapons. If there is not enough spring weapons available, the Floaters will basically be Zombies and two-hand touch will count for a kill.


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