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This is a holiday themed scenario written with a MILSIM twist


Operation Red Sleigh Down

24 Dec 2011, a special air transport carrying aid packages was shot down over GRNCH territory. The pilot Captain S. Claus was forced to bail out and ditch his aircraft. He is now behind enemy lines escaping and evading capture. His payload was scattered in the crash. A special rescue unit known as ELF has been dispatched to rescue Capt. Claus.

This will be a two team game, with a third party downed pilot.
Emergency Landing Force (ELF)
The ELF must quickly mobilize and launch a rescue mission to rescue Capt. Claus. They will need to secure a FOB in enemy territory and then make contact with Capt Claus. Once they make contact they will need to secure him and protect him while he searches for his lost payload. Once Capt. Claus and his payload are secure at the FOB the ELF will act as a security force and protect Capt. Claus while he makes his deliveries.
Guerilla Revolutionary National Council against Holidays (GRNCH)
GRNCH Forces must find and capture Capt. Claus. Capt. Claus was on a mission to deliver aid packages to the population in order help them resist the GRNCH. These packages must be collected and destroyed in order to keep the population under GRNCH control.


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