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Length 45 minutes
Ground Mixed
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Creation date December 30, 2011
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Me and the guys play a hostage type game when we run short on players(4-6). You can use 999 players if you wish. And it can take upto an hour if players get cold feet.
Ratio of Hero:Hostage:Terrorist should be 1:1:2

The way we play is the hostage gets two minutes to hide three rubber knifes and two small pistols in the room/house/bunker or on his person. The terrorists at the two minute mark get thirty seconds to find the knifes and pistols before the Hero(es) are released. The hero is trying to get the kill the terrorists without harm to the hostage. The terrorists are to kill the hero without leaving designated AO. The terrorists cannot however kill the hostage unless they confirm the hostage has a weapon in their hand. The hostage is just trying to ride out the storm or kill the terrorist himself. Terrorists win with the hero(es) death. The Hero(es) and Hostage win with the death of the Terrorists. No respawn for anyone. No time limit. And only one way out.


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