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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Team Deathmatch
Length 50 minutes
Year 2012
Place Anywhere
Ground Mixed
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Creation date January 03, 2012
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Language English
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Multiple teams of two mercenaries fight to the death.

Being Mercs means you have a lot of freedom in terms of gear and weapons... basically, you can use what ever you want (Armalites, Kalashs, F2000s, etc. as well as any sidearm/shotgun/melee weapon).

Based off of the game "Army of Two", the teams of two work together to eliminate the other teams. There are unlimited respawns. When you are hit, you go down to a sitting position. You then need to wait for your partner to get over to you (you may provide covering fire with a sidearm). When he gets to you, If it is clear he may revive you, but if there is still a threat, he may wish to pull you behind cover to revive you. In order to be revived, he must tag you and count to 5 or 10, decided before the beginning of the game. A team can only be eliminated when both players are hit. The game ends when only one team is left standing. I put the length of time to 50min 'cause that seemed reasonable, but the game could last much longer, or for no where near that amount of time. Again, number of players needs to be a solid number, but this can be played with as few as four people up to really as many as you want, but try and keep it at an even number (unless of course you have someone with a LMG, or just a really good player who is willing to play on his own, in that case for respawns, he has a 2 respawns. He has a 30 second grace where he can run from the person who hit him before he respawns.) Try to balance the teams evenly in terms of skill level.
(Edit: Someone jokingly asked on Facebook, but no, you are not invincible if you stand back to back :P)


Jevonater Sounds fun. Really excited to try this with my friends!

6 years ago

nofear960 really nice scenario! thanks! :)

6 years ago

Anonymous I really think that this is an amazing idea. I hope that it will be popular. :)

7 years ago
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