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Creation date January 13, 2012
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Ok so this game is pretty fun with about 8-20 players, but you can play with as many as you like.

To play: Take a deck of cards and sort out one card for each player. Make some of them face cards (About 1 face card every 3 people) then shuffle the cards and hand them out. don't show your card to any one, if you got a face card you are a Bounty hunter if you don't have a face card you are a Criminal. Then every one closes there eyes and every one who is a bounty hunter wakes up so they know who the other bounty hunters are. Then every one has 60 sec. to go hide or gather with the other hunters, Then its war.

If you are a Bounty Hunter you want to kill every one else (not the other hunters)
If you are a Criminal you have to survive for a set amount of time.

Bounty Hunters get to go to a set re-spawn if they get shot.
If you are a Criminal and you get hit you are out.

Winning: The Bounty hunters win if they kill every one else. The criminals win if they survive for the set amount of time.

Note: Only the Bounty Hunters know who every one is, every one else has no idea.


Ayon I really like your scenario especially since it's easy to plot out in a lot of different types of environments Thank you very much for this scenario I'm certain that my friends and I will have tons of fun playing it

1 year ago

Stunner What State?

6 years ago

Stunner Where?

6 years ago

TripleMilitia95 wicked scenario

6 years ago

JohnnyBoy nice

7 years ago

RugbyGoth Very cool scénario.
You could add a little thing more.
When a criminal is hit he leaves behind a thing (pack of tissues, piece of tissue, anything you could carry easily!) and the bounty hunters have to take as much as possible of those things. The winner is the bounty hunter with more "scalps"

7 years ago

Jeckyll I think the numbered cards should represent the "bounty." The bounty hunter with the highest total bounty collected after all the criminals are dead wins.

7 years ago
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