Spy Party/Cocktail Party/Assassins and Ronins.

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Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Murder Parties
Length 15 minutes
Players 5
Ground Mixed
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Creation date February 02, 2012
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Language English
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This is not a standard Milsim, Sport, or Team gamemode, it's more conversational, selective, and requires more skill on the draw, rather than accuracy or sheer rate of fire. Inspired by CIA and KGB assassins, this is more of an action party game than a sport, with randomly chosen players who have VIPs to protect and people to kill.
The player(s) with his asset protected or kill confirmed while maintaining the fewest casualties wins.

Every player writes his name on 2 pieces of paper, one titled "Defend/Guard/Protect" another "Kill/Assassinate/etc". All papers are mixed in the container, and at start of each round, every player picks a name and will either defend said person, or assassinate that person.
No casualties are allowed, players may only engage players that are visibly armed [pistols, rubber knives, nerf or foam melee weapons, and compact guns are recommended] or prepared to take a shot. If a player picks himself, he has the right to "Go Rambo" in which case everyone is his target.

This is a new game mode that I haven't seen as of yet, I don't want to copy someone's idea, so sorry if I did. But feel free to add suggestions or alterations when you play it, and post them here. Maybe instead of Assassin's killing the VIP, capture the VIP and bring them to an extraction point.


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