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Length 90 minutes
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Ground Mixed
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Creation date February 23, 2012
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Scenario: Attackers
Following the attack on 9/11, America has had a continuous presence in Iraq, primarily for the militaristic purpose of the war or terror, but our presence has also been a humanitarian mission. With government support, military and civilian outposts have been set up on the outskirts of smaller towns to provide water filtration systems, food and medicine. Our humanitarian efforts have been well worth the cost, as it has turned the masses into our allies. At 0900 this morning an Iraqi truck drove into one such humanitarian non-civilian out post and exploded with what could have been nothing less than a quarter pound of military grade explosives. The blast killed five soldiers and severely injured three others. The shooting then commenced, this was a well planned military strike performed by the best trained Iraqi soldiers we have seen in the country to date. The enemy strike team came into the base, acquired an unknown number of encrypted GPS systems, and left. The GPS systems were state of the art, remotely controllable, and most importantly, show the positions of all our military movement in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. If the enemy were to be able to reverse engineer the hardware, they could use it to land a major blow to our military strength in those countries.
The good news: The systems are very complex, and the power source is integrated into all systems, aka, you can't just pop out the battery. In addition we have the ability to turn their systems back on should they chose to turn them off, giving us the ability to track the units.
The bad news: We intercepted a radio transmission from the enemy evac team, in their haste, the idiots ran over one of their own IED's so while they are running behind, they are on their way. In addition, they have a tech expert on board who will likely be able to power down the devices permanently. Allowing them all the time and security in the world to move the devices to a secure lab to reverse engineer. Their evac team will be here in approximately one hour.
The Objective: Use your own GPS units to find and track the stolen ones, they likely will not come quietly, use of deadly force is authorized.

Scenario: Defenders
The Americans think they're the end all of morals in the world. They think that if someone else doesn't think like they do that they're wrong, and have to make changes. ESPECIALLY if they have oil. Well we're going to show the Americans that we may not have trillions of dollars to throw around, but we WILL not bow to their will so easily. Last night we raided an enemy camp and stole stockpiles, uniforms, guns, and most importantly, several of their GPS units. These are the same units that a member of every squad in the US army carries. With these we will be able to track their movements for weeks before they manage a hardware upgrade. A huge blow to the beast that is the US of A. We've tried turning the devices off, but the keep turning back on automatically, by remote most likely, our lab expert will be here soon, we must meet with him do power down the devices. In the mean time, kill the Americans who come to claim our prizes, and they will come.
The Objective: At least one phone bearer must survive the entire game.

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