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Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Afghan Conflicts
Length 4 hours
Players 20
Ground Mixed
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Creation date February 28, 2012
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Briefing: Team One
We all know that Iran has been attempting to develop a nuclear for some time. We have done what we can to hobble their success, but short of an invasion we cannot actually prevent their success. What we can do, however, is use intelligence to prevent them from smuggling illegal Uranium into their country. Sense they never should have had the material to begin with, they would never go public with an attack that would incriminate themselves more than us. We have come across one such piece of information. At 1100, along the Iran/Turkey border, there is to be a delivery of weapons grade Uranium to the Iran government, and they say they want it for non-militaristic purposes, what a joke. Secure the package, secure their LZ's, and secure their pick up teams upon entry to the area. We cannot afford to let this one slip through, use of deadly force is authorized.

Briefing: Team Two
Our attempt to remake our country have been all but completely stopped at every turn. We acquire a scientist, he is approached and soon after seeks asylum in the US. We find legitimate resources at a reasonable price, and we're outbid by a "anonymous" bidder. Who do they think they're fooling. Do they not see that a single nuclear generator could potentially give power and running water to more than have of the homes in our country that don't have it? Well, here's our chance. We have a seller, who is unwilling to accept bids from either anonymous, or US bidders. The purchase has been made, but we take no chances. An armed escort has been sent to ensure it reaches us safely.

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