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Creation date March 01, 2012
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The game is based upon a single prop... a skull!!!
If possible, use a fake halloween skull, if not a ball or suitable prop will do.

One team will try to bring the skull to a designated point in the middle of the playing field. This point is a "Pentagram" that will summon a sick ass demon.

If anyone holding the skull is eliminated, they must drop the skull where they stand before going to respawn, or the staging area.

The skull can be passed from person to person, even thrown (if the "skull" is soft enough). But the second team can handle the skull too, so be careful where you throw or pass it. The first team has two respawns.

The second team is focused on stopping the skull handlers at all costs. This can be done in two ways.
1. Destroy all of the Skull Handlers
2. Take the Skull and bring it to their respawn, and stop the summoning of said sick ass demon

The Second Team also have two respawns per player.

Kind of a silly game, and more of a twist on single flag capture the flag, but a good game to use some simple props to wow the players.


missionofsuicide How about the pentagram area having the strongest gun, the guy with the skull will become the demon, and then the guy can blast away the skull-stoppers.

5 years ago

3ni9m4tik what if when one team gets the skull to the pentagram, the "demon" is an invincible player (or one that can take multiple hits) and the opposing side have no respawns while the "demon player" is on the field?

6 years ago

BCBL-OUTLAW Hmmm, now that is an interesting twist. Let me sketch it around a bit, but that is a great idea.

6 years ago

Rainmaker dont forget to have the heavy metal blasting over the field from the ref tower!

6 years ago

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