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Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Mafia Wars
Length 30 minutes
Players 11
Ground Urban
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Creation date March 20, 2012
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Language English
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Keywords: Hitmen, VIP, FreeForAll

"A contract has been posted on the head of a certain VIP down at the warehouse, he may be surrounded by plenty of muscle, but if you can take them down and bring back proof, then the reward is yours."

This is a game of hitmen competing over a single target.

The main objective is a single person who is now known as the VIP. This VIP has a single balloon tied to his back, and if that balloon pops, he is dead. This is easier said than done as he has 5 bodyguards armed to the teeth and ready to paint the floor with your bloody guts.

The HItmen, numbering 5 in all are tasked with killing this VIP, there is nothing saying they have to work together, or be unwilling to help each other, but keep in mind that only ONE hitman can collect the Bounty. With this in mind, the game is split into two phases.

Phase 1: Hitmen infiltrate the warehouse (which is pitch black besides a few lamps) and take out the VIP, and his bodyguards.

Phase 2: The first one to bring "proof" of the VIP's death back to the starting point is the winner, the "proof" is vital, as anyone can just say they killed him in the hail of bullets. Therefore, the hitman vying for the bounty must present a certain object off of the VIP to claim the Bounty. This can be a tye, a certain hat, or even a piece of paper.

This means though, that there can only be one winner, so do not be surprised if it just falls to chaos as soon as the VIP eats it.

And there you have it, "THE HIT". For the sake of fairness, the Hitmen and Bodyguards can switch sides every game you play, so everyone gets to play a offensive and defensive game.


MabelMabel Nice! I gotta try this one with my buddies.

4 years ago

Matt_Bailey This is probably the best assassination game I've ever read. Props sir

7 years ago

rudy We made this site to get exactly this kind of great content. Thanks !

7 years ago

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