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Category Quick Games
Subcategory Attack & Defend
Length 30 minutes
Players 2
Year 2011
Ground Mixed
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Creation date April 03, 2012
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Comments 7
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Language English
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the n00bs are complaining about teams being unfair and you just want to play. You tell them they can have every body except for you and one other person. You give them something to defend and say protect this and we are going to take it. Watch them laugh at you but now everybody is in a better mood and you are playing airsoft. can be played with 5- alot of people. make sure the players ratio is 1:4 ish if you can.


Stunner Where is this place?

5 years ago

MabelMabel Why do you ask that on every scenario? haha

3 years ago

Matt_Bailey Did you really jack Airsoft GI Tim's picture for this????

6 years ago

jesterDHA well that picture is bad@$$. and if you are the two and a half man wolf pack.

6 years ago

Matt_Bailey ........... What does that even mean????

6 years ago

jesterDHA did you even read the scenario?

6 years ago

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