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The world's economy is in an uncontrollable downward spiral. But while the rest of the world suffers the People's Republic of China is the only world power with a stable economy. This causes many people around the world to question their current government and its leaders. The people demand change and will do about anything to bring it about. The American Communist Party gains support from young people demanding change in the government. This brings about the first member of The Party to be elected to Congress, Samuel Browder of California. Congress tried to override the election but because of public outcry Browder was allowed to serve in Congress. During a session in Congress Browder announces via video that the people of California will not recognize the American Government. He then announces his intentions of seceding from the United States and to from The People's Republic of California. At the same time of this announcement Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton was attacked by American Communist Party Militia (ACPM) and People's Liberation Army (PLA) forces. However they were unable to take the base. In response the President asks Congress to permit military forces to be deployed into California – Congress approves the use of military force.


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