Scenario informations
Category Modern Warfare
Length 1 hours
Players 30
Year 2012
Place Preferably indoors
Ground Mixed
General Informations
Creation date May 26, 2012
Views 3868
Comments 1
Likes 2
Language English
Confidentiality Public




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Drones survey the area.
Will the offensive force be able to disable them or will the defensive force keep their hold on the area?


The things required for this to work are:

A laptop or PDA with MSDos-prompt (Boot the computer to dos to enhance the experience)
Download this: dl.dropbox.com/u/61112787/projekt.rar
Open the .bat file named start and it is ready to go.
The file gives you 3 tries to enter the correct code.
On the 3rd failure it locks you out and you will be prompted to enter another code.
If you fail to enter the second code it will revert back to the first code. (I can make it so you have 10 different codes or even that it locks you out for good and mission fails, whatever floats your boat)

2 commanders. They dont have to wear anything special or act, but someone who takes charge is a nice spice.


GR01 Sounds like a good scenario...to bad the link does not work.

3 years ago

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