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Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Treasure Hunts
Length 1 hours
Players 15
Ground Mixed
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Creation date June 30, 2012
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Language English
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Each member starts off in just BDUs, Every person's gear is scattered throughout the field. Each person's loadout will be kept together (vest, gun, mags) , Everyone starts off at the same spawn point eyes closed. Refs hide all equipment and have a map marked with all gear locations, when the game starts everyone scatters searching for some gear, doesn't even have to be their own. Just something to use. This game is free for all. When players find a loadout they may suit up and then the hunt begins, prepared or not. No respawns, one life per person, no medics. Semi only. Everyone's personal gear must be marked with their own name in some form. ROE still applies. 2-? players


MabelMabel Good idea. This looks like a good one to play at the end of the day, when everyone wants a little change to spice it up...boom! We got scavenger.

4 years ago

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