Scenario informations
Category Quick Games
Subcategory Manhunt
Length 3 hours
Players 1
Year 2012
Place woods
Ground Woods
General Informations
Creation date July 06, 2012
Views 10573
Comments 2
Likes 3
Language English
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You have been sent in to destroy an unknow target that has killed over 5000 farmers, animals, civllians, and soldier's. you dont know where the target is, what it is, or how armed it is. all you know is if it bleed's, you can kill it.
This is a classic game of juggernaut with a twist. The juggernaut has an automatic or high powered sniper rifle, and only able to die from a point blank shot or medium ranged sniper hit or a headshot. everyone else has 3 lives. once the team gets hit, they must stay down for 30 seconds and get back up, the predator cant.



Source movie i think


Stunner Where? What State

6 years ago

crossfire very good

6 years ago

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