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Category Modern Warfare
Length 45 minutes
Players 20
Ground Mixed
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Creation date July 14, 2012
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Language English
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There are two teams. One team is terrorist, and they hide a satchel in the area. Bluefor team has to find it and disarm it (empty the satchel) before time runs out. After the IED is disarmed, te Bluefor have to get back to the LZ. Opfor have unlimited lives, but a set respawn point. Bluefor have 2 lives w/ bandages. 1 hit = wounded, 2 hits = dead. You can fully customize this game to your prefrences. You can also customize the bomb to have certain wires the Bluefor have to pull. Also, depending on environment and number of participants, you might want to create your own time parameters.


Stryker74u Also: The game is over when the Bluefor have all beenkilled, or whennthe Bluefor return to the LZ after disarming the bomb.

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