Scenario informations
Category Outside the Box
Length 45 minutes
Players 15
Year 2012
Place Anywhere
Ground Woods
General Informations
Creation date July 24, 2012
Views 4316
Comments 0
Likes 1
Language English
Confidentiality Public




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Keywords: Slender, scenario, night

This is a Slender based scenario. There are runners and Slenders. Runners get One rifle and one magazine. The slenders get pistols and melee weapons. The runners have to go to different areas on the field without getting hit by a Slender or a teammate. The Runners get flashlights but cannot sprint. The Slenders can sprint but get only glow sticks.. When a Slender is hit, he stays in place for 15 seconds. If a Runner is hit, they become a Slender. The game is over when all the Runners are hit or a Runner has made it to all 8 points. PLAY AT NIGHT. Team instructions: 20 players: 5 Slenders, 15 Runners.


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