Scenario informations
Category Quick Games
Subcategory Manhunt
Length 25 minutes
Players 5
Year 2012
Place Your own backyard!
Ground Mixed
General Informations
Creation date July 31, 2012
Views 7747
Comments 2
Likes 7
Language English
Confidentiality Public




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A fun nightime game that can be played with only 3 people! or up to 11 with some adjustments.

To start simply draw out of a hat (PMC, VIP, Or Op-for) to assign teams.
Next once teams are assigned arm the VIP with a pistol (preferably spring or AEP) with a full clip.
Then send the VIP out of the house or building, and give him 5 minutes to hide.

once the 5 minutes are up both teams walk to thier designated start points and one person signals the start (via party popper or some form of loud noise).


If you are the VIP: Try and outlast both teams by using stealth and ingenuity!
If you are the OP-For or PMC hunt the Vip!!

no respawns allowed!

first team to kill the VIP wins! ... unless the VIP manages to kill you first!


MabelMabel So, the Op-For and PMC can kill each other but their main objective is to kill the VIP, correct?

3 years ago

Pyre Kitsune That's how I interpreted it.

2 years ago

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