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Category Outside the Box
Subcategory Zombie Horror
Length 2 hours
Players 52
Year 2016
Place California,Sanfransico
Ground Woods
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Creation date August 10, 2012
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Language English
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The world you knew no longer exist.The war that was was suppose to end all wars created a new horrific one...ZOMBIES!! As mankind crumbles one by one in a desperate war ,zombies soon to adapt and where able to become hybrids.They became smarter and adaptable that they can literally use any technology in their hands. Millions continue to die...then weeks later the last remaining human opposition stopped...

A year later you and buddy with a group of survivors receive a static radio transmission from a station saying that they found a cure in your area...but before they can listen zombies attack you.With no weapons you and some of the survivors run to get their weapons.......
Well I'm not going to write the story of whats going to happen,but to find out what happens you need to PLAY IT!!


Gabbylight So here the characters objective(Alexis)

Personal objectives:
Objective 1:When the survivors starts to talk through the radio that is handed to you, wait for six minutes and respond where your postion is. You can say anything you wish after the six minutes passes.Unless the humans get overrun.
-Objective 2:After you told the survivors where you are you must now wait for them and fend any zombies at you.
-Objective 3:When the humans arrive and as the zombies try and kill you wait up to eight minutes and if the zombies didn't get you give them the key and tell them where the box is . You can follow with them or you can take your own path!

6 years ago

Gabbylight Well the bug for the mission objective is still on which I don't mind... the survivors missions is not in order so this is how it looks..in order.

-Team objective 1:Escape the zombies and get your weapons in the forest..FAST!
-Team objective 2:Repel the zombies and try and push toward the comstation again.
-Team objective 3:After you reply back to the radio hold your position as long as you can while you wait for the radio to repeat itself which will take six minutes.
-Team objective 4:While receiving the message head to the objective zone where the so called "cure" is there and wait for the scientist to appear.
-Team objective 5:If you made it so far folllow and protect the scientist as he/she gives you a key
-Team objective 6:Once given she will give you an area where you have to find the box where the cure is (it will be a baby powder
-Team objective 7:Once found it will be baby powder use it against the zombies and spread it at their bodies which will successfully win the game

6 years ago

Gabbylight And guys if you are reading about the character obj, and don't see it..its due to the bug so please bare with it while the people of the airsoft square techies try and fix it!

6 years ago

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