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Category Modern Warfare
Subcategory Afghan Conflicts
Length 30 minutes
Players 100
Ground Mixed
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Creation date September 21, 2012
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Language English
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You and your team are set to the task of dispatching a dangerous terrorist group. Only catch is, some of the terrorists have armed bombs to themselves. Surely shooting these unstable explosives will cause the whole place to go up in flames. Your shooting will have to be extremely selective to prevent a catastrophe.

One team is chosen to be the anti-terroist team. While the other is the terrorists. Once the teams have been chosen 10% of the terrorists will be marked in some way to represent the presence of a bomb. Terrorists that are armed with a bomb can only be dispatched by rubber knife, or hand to hand. If a A-T player shoots a carrier the game is lost for them. The A-T team wins when all terrorists are dispatched without setting off any bombs.


orkeedi I like the idea

5 years ago

AirsoftBlogSpot I like the idea, but i think it needs more.

6 years ago

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