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Category Future Wars
Subcategory Science Fiction
Length 2 days
Players 29
Year 2021
Place post nucler america
Ground Mixed
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Creation date September 21, 2012
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Language English
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In this game there are two teams : the Chinese and the Americans. It lasts from a friday at 5pm to a sunday at 5pm. The teams kill each other by vital rules each kill is worth 10 points. you respawn by going back to a predetermined spot with a notebook (there is one respawn per team) you wait at that respawn for 10sec. Log your death and then come back into play. Some varations give the Americans a Phisical advantage while the Chinese get a tactical advantage. Also all styles have objectives which are stated in the teams tab under objectives tab. There is also a thrid team known as ravenwood that team has 3 people who are men for hire. Some variations get no supply while others give daily suppliess. There is an unlimited number of players. The 3 teams ratio should be 3:3:1 the 1 being ravenwood there is no maximum to the number of players.


Tension has been building up between the Chinese and Americans. The chinese have just Nuked many cites near you but you are not in fallout danger. You lead a group of men who try to fight off Chinese soldiers. Good luck


Stunner What State?

5 years ago

Andrewcs1998 Wherever you are pick the closest major city

5 years ago

Stunner How do i do that?

5 years ago

Stunner Where?

6 years ago

Andrewcs1998 you like my spin on Jericho

6 years ago

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