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Category Quick Games
Length 30 minutes
Players 10
Year 2015
Place Italia
Ground Mixed
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Creation date September 24, 2012
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Language English
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In Italia after 2012 - 2013 crisis extremists took power. As population was hard to handle they decided to use circus games in order to control everybody.
Modernized, those modern gladiators fight with guns. With those games, bets had paid Italia's debt and prisons became modern ludus for those gladiators.


For this game you need something that can be easily carried in a pouch (we use a "jewel" in glass).


It's a free for all game (saw the hunger games? That's the idea).

First the jewel is put in the center and guns all around it at 5 meters. Players stand at the opposit of there gun at 10m of the jewel. Noone shoots before having recover his main gun, but you can out someone by touching him, if you're touched back in the same movement both are out.

The goal is to keep the jewel during 5 minutes. If you're out, you have to handle the jewel in your hand and count to 20. If noone came to take the jewel in the 20 sec then you put it in the center.

There is a marshal following the jewel, he counts the time of holding the jewel and can invent rules during the game (to avoid camping, for example you, have to scream every minute...)

You can make alliances, but at the end, there is only 1 winner so be carefull with your teammates as you are approching the jewel!

Respawn point is the same for everybody, you can put several respawn points...

All credits to Ematiel


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