Scenario informations
Category Quick Games
Subcategory King of the Hill
Length 1 hours
Players 10
Year 2014
Place Any Unstable Area
Ground Mixed
General Informations
Creation date September 24, 2012
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Language English
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There are two teams of variable numbers they are even. The teams are the rebels vs. the goverment. the goverment has 1 player that starts in the middle of the field of play no one else knows where that is. In that central location there is all equipment that the people on the goverment side have. The person in the middle is tring to hold the equipment without the rebels killing him and moving all the equipment to there own equipment zone. If the rebels move all equipment to there location they must hold it for 10 minutes without losing any of it. using the equipment does not count as losing it. There is no time limit to the game. Best played at night.


A convoy with supplies has been downed with one person guarding it. the goverment wants it back. the rebels want it in there arsanel.


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