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Category Future Wars
Subcategory Third World War
Length 1 hours
Players 10
Year 2029
Place Africa
Ground Mixed
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Creation date October 04, 2012
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Language English
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This is a series of games meant to be played a week apart..any way part 1 is the first assult on the allied african/middle eastern countries (AMEC) by the UN. The UN attacks an AMEC fourtress each player on the AMEC get 3 respawns while the UN dosen't get any respawns. the game can last a year or it can last an hour. The UN wins by either killing all of the AMEC forces or capturing a flag in the middle of the fortress.


2013: Iran Nukes Israel. UN Condemns act. Israeli prime minister assassinated by unknown group.
2014: UN security council releases findings of nuclear attacks and the assassination of Israeli prime minister. Findings that assassination and nuclear attack planned by a joint African & middle eastern group.
2017: UN sanctions Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt for continual attacks on Israel.
2019: Israel angry at the UN withdraws from UN. Israel rejoins UN at the forced withdraw of Iran, Iraq, and Russia who did not condemn attacks.
2027: all of Africa and the middle east minus Libya & Israel cuts off all negations with the UN and her members. Russia also joins the coalition of AMEC.
2029: AMEC unites all of its countries into one with the exception of Russia. UN becomes a country that is a Democratic-Republic repersistent her countries and uniting them against AMEC.


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